Fraudulent certificates


Please note:

This list is not conclusive and only contains fraudulent organic certificates known to us. 


Opearation Country Control Body Date issued Document Link
De La Rosa Real Foods Spain Consejo de la Prodduccion Agraria Ecologica de Navarra 11.10.2017 De La Rosa Real Foods
- Sri Lanka Istituto Certificazione Etica Ambientale 17.06.2017 ICEA
Marco Venture CMR Cameroon Organic Food Federation 07.05.2017 Marco Venture CMR
Paolo Bova Italia International Certification Bio Suisse AG 30.09.2018 Paolo Bova
EF Nash LTD UK Organic Farmers & Growers C.I.C. 30.05.2017 EF Nash LTD
Shetlands Best LTD UK Organic Food Federation 03.02.2017 Shetlands Best LTD
Yell Packing Station UK Soil Association Organic 23.12.2016 Yell Packing Station
Agropecuaria la Capitana S.L. ES Sohiscert   Agropecuaria la Capitana S.L.
Tabrida Industrial and Trading Company S.L Spain BCS 06.04.2016 Tabrida
Tarvand Saffron Ghaen Co. Saffron Iran  BQS Certification Limited UK 01.12.2016 Tarvand Saffron
Tarvand Saffron Ghaen Co. Barberry Iran BQS Certification Limited UK 03.11.2016 Tarvand Barberry
Neapelink LTD Cyprus Lacon LTD 17.11.2016 Neapelink
Al Sahid Trade Marketing South Africa IMOswiss  AG 21.01.2017 Al Sahid
KN MASTER LTD UK Organic Farmers & Growers C.I.C. 20.07.2017 KN MASTER LTD
SRI LANKA Italia ICEA 17.06.2017 SRI LANKA
Paforon Traing and Project LTD South Africa IFOAM 01.03.2017 PTY
Ital Import SP.Z. O.O. Italia bio agri cert 08.12.2017 Ital Import
SAMPAT OVERSEAS India NMCI Inspections 18.12.2017 SAMPAT
Marco Venture CMR Kamerun Organic Food Federation 7.5.2017 MarcoVenture
 De La Rosa Real Foods Spain